Electro Cigs Reward Program

Who's Eligible to Participate:

Anyone over 18 years or older can participate in our free loyalty reward program. Create an account and make sure you’re logged in when you shop. Customers earn discounts and free products from our rewards catalog.












Reward Points Distribution:

- Buy starter kits and receive 250 points.

- Buy refill cartomizers and receive 50 points for every pack:

  • 1 pack = 50 points
  • 2 packs = 100 points
  • 3 packs = 150 points
  • 4 packs = 200 points

Buy accessories (Battery, Wall Charger, etc.) and receive 50 Points per accessory.


Additional Ways to Earn Reward Points:

  • Create and account = 25 points.
  • Subscribe to the Electro newsletter = 25 points.





Point Redemption = Discount

1 Pack of Refill Cartridges

(Every Flavor & Strength)

150 points = 10% Discount

300 points = 25% Discount

600 points = 50% Discount

1,200 points = (FREE) 100% Discount

Starter Kits

900 points = 10% Discount

1,750 points = 25% Discount

3,500 points = 50% Discount

7,000 points = (FREE) 100% Discount


150 points = 10% Discount

300 points = 25% Discount

600 points = 50% Discount

1,200 points = (FREE) 100% Discount




Privacy: One of our top priorities is making sure that your personal information is safe. Please review our Privacy Policy at Electro Cigarettes. By participating in the giveaway, you are agreeing to Electro Cigarettes collection and use of your personal information and acknowledge that you have read and accepted our privacy policy.

Limitation of Liability: By entering in the reward program, participants release and hold Electro Cigarettes and any affiliated companies and employees from any and all liability of any injuries, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with this giveaway or acceptance or use of any prize won.

Cancellation Rights: Electro Cigarettes reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify, suspend or cancel the reward program. We also reserve the right to revoke reward points.

Participation: Redemption of any rewards points by an affiliate will result in the affiliate forfeiting their commission.

Points Expiration: Points earned expire 180 Days from date of last point redemption. Customer will receive an automated email 30 days before points are due to expire and again 48 hours before the reward points earned expire.

Points Transfer: Points earned on non-transferable and cannot be redeemed by anyone else but the points account holder.

Thank you for participating in our program!

*Please note that your shipping receipt will not reflect the amount of points you used nor your actually total after the discount. We ask you to check the invoice you receive at the time of placing your order for the actual amount you paid.*
**You must be signed into your account during checkout to receive your points. 
***Please Note: When you use points towards a purchase, you will not earn rewards points on that product.